Meet the Local Welder at Mettlach Enterprises

Making Wheat Ridge, CO residents' lives easier since 2019

Mettlach Enterprises is your source for metal fabricating and handyman services in the Wheat Ridge, CO area. Douglas Mettlach, our owner, is an experienced welder with a keen eye for detail. Because of his manufacturing and oil field experience, he provides customized services to clients in a wide range of industries. The inspiration behind most of his manufacturing stems from trying to find an easier process behind everday tasks. Trust Douglas Mettlach to makes your inspiration a reality.

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You'll love these time-saving devices

You'll love these time-saving devices

Mettlach Enterprises strives to save Wheat Ridge, CO residents time and money. Ask our local welder to make…

  • A custom barbecue smoker—smoking barbecue just got easier. Since the smoke recirculates and the cooking chamber is separate from the heat source, you can enjoy a smoky, juicy rack of ribs free of the tangy taste of fuel.
  • A car hitch extension—forget about unloading your bike when you need to open your trunk. This device extends to provide clearance for your hatch.
  • An eco-friendly washing machine—this machine cleans clothes labeled dry clean only without using harsh detergents or high heat.

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